Long Term Car Storage

Classics cars, supercars, motorcycles and prestige cars are all vulnerable to the elements. In the UK, the cold wet winters and damp conditions can be very detrimental to a car’s health and condition so it is important to keep them protected from the elements.

Whether you want to preserve your classic for future generations, maintain your classic following restorative work, or simply keep your car or motorcycle safe from the elements and in good care, we are here to help.

Mulsanne Automotive was established by enthusiasts, is provided by enthusiasts and dedicated to serve enthusiasts. We know what really matters when caring for your classic car and are passionate about serving the discerning motor vehicle owner who requires meticulously managed, highly secure, long-term and short-term indoor storage for valuable automotive assets.

Our newly refurbished, state of the art storage facility has been specifically designed for vehicle storage. Our top of the range security system includes Monitored Dual Comm Level 3 intruder alarms and 24-Hour monitored CCTV internally and externally and anti-ram telescopic bollards.

Upon arrival at our facility, your vehicle will go through the following process:

  • Your car will receive a complete decontamination and detail. This will remove any contaminants in the paint work and rust prone areas picked up from the road surface or poor weather. For example, road surface grime on the sills and wheel arches, and iron fallout and rubber in the paintwork. This will prevent any form of corrosion whilst in storage.
  • Your car will then receive it’s thorough multistage pre-storage check and inspection. As part of our onsite pre-storage check we thoroughly assess the general condition of the car. Fluid levels are checked and topped up if necessary, the vehicle is checked for any sign of leakages, tyre condition and pressure is checked and all panels are inspected to ensure the car begins storage in as healthy a state as possible. A full report is then drawn up and sent to the customer
  • The car is then positioned in our facility. Once completed, the vehicle will be dried and parked in our facility and left uncovered for 24 hours to further air dry the car and help it acclimatize to the new surroundings. A C-Tek battery conditioner will then be applied, and the car covered with our bespoke, fleece-lined, breathable car covers.

Standard, Premium or Platinum package?

Following all pre storage procedures, your car will then be stored with us on one of our 3 packages: Standard, Premium or Platinum. Information on these are available here.

Vehicle Storage Packages

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