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We have completely re-platformed the website to maximise functionality and user experience. In addition, we have added several new pages. These include:

  • A news page, which will feature relevant motoring content spanning the length and breadth of the industry, as well as vehicle insight and review posts, which we hope you will enjoy browsing week on week.
  • A vehicle sales page, representative of a brand new service offered by Mulsanne Automotive. We recognised from existing clients that a sales service would ice the storage cake, and complete a comprehensive, all-in-one package for our clients.

A note from the team:

We have been blown away by the response of the motoring community to the launch of our storage service in September, and thank you all for your on-going support. It goes without saying that the worldwide pandemic complicated our undertakings, but was nothing we weren’t prepared to take in our stride in our pursuit of the perfect vehicle storage package. It has been extremely gratifying to take in such a varied, each intriguing array of classic and supercars over the past few months, and very much look forward to welcoming the new year and all that we have planned for it.

Thank you!

Seb, Tom and Archie.