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1. Get In Touch

Enquire using our website, or call us on 01604 389011.
We’ll answer any questions you may have and establish which car or motorcycle storage programme suits you best. If needs be, we can tailor a bespoke storage programme for you.


2. Delivery Arranged

Once we’ve received a copy of your photo ID (required for security and insurance purposes), we’ll release our address to you.
We’ll arrange a date and time for you to drop off your car, or we’ll collect your car using our in-house transport service.


3. Vehicle Valeted

We’ll valet your car when it arrives to remove dirt and any other potentially damaging contaminants. Valeting includes pH-neutral snow foaming, two bucket wash, iron removal, application of rinse aid protective wax, and 48-hour indoor air dry.


Short Term Car Storage

4. Vehicle Prepared For Storage

Once clean, your car or motorcycle will be prepared for storage. In doing so, we undertake a full visual inspection, notarising mileage, fluid levels, defects and potential issues.
We’ll then send you our notes, and pictures of your car.


5. Vehicle Stored

Your car or motorcycle will be put under one of our bespoke, breathable, fleece-lined covers. Tire pressures will be inflated to prevent flat-spotting, and we’ll put tire pads under each wheel. We’ll disconnect the battery, or attach a CTEK battery conditioner (premium and platinum only).


6. Monthly Maintenance

For cars stored on our premium and platinum programmes, we’ll perform maintenance on a monthly basis, including start-up and run to operating temperature, wheel rotation, pedal compression, gear engagement, and tire pressure and fluid level checks.


7. Vehicle Collection

Should you wish to collect your car or motorcycle from storage, be it temporarily (e.g. for servicing or weekend use) or permanently, we’ll prepare your car for collection. We ask for 48 hours notice for collection, but can accommodate shorter notice in the majority of cases.